Live Lobster Bali



Our history


The Company is established in Bali, Indonesia. This Island of God offers a wide selection of oceanic resources, such as fish, shrimp, prawns, as well as lobster.

The Company itself focuses on selling live lobsters to all lobster lovers in the community.

It starts the business online, delivering the product directly from the local fisherman to the customer. Helping Bali's economy to grow and since fishery one of the main income to the island, we wish to be able to expand our business for export in the future.

live lobster bali

Bringing the fresh and healthy food source to your home!



The idea to choose live lobster as our main food source for sale first came from our owner. He loves lobster!

As a luxury and the most sought food in the world, lobster businesses on the island can be challenging. The restrictions to comply with the regulation that stipulates the type of lobsters for sale. Not to mention, the hit taken by lobster businesses due to the pandemic.

It leads to the Company’s desire to help the local fishermen who sell a lobster for a living on Bali island. Supporting their business as COVID-19 pandemic also affects their main source of income.

The Company has been building a good relationship with the local fishermen. In the same time, we make sure the quality of our products.

It becomes the Company’s goal to support the local lobstermen and to reach a bigger market for live lobster in Bali as well as the international market.

How we stand apart?

All of our products are purchased from the local fishermen. They are wildly-caught from the southern coastal of the island to ensure the freshness.