Our lobsters are wildly-caught from Bali’s ocean.
We purchase it directly from the local fisherman and deliver it to your door-step.
There are five finest lobsters in Indonesia; those are Lobster Pasir (sand lobster), Lobster Bambu (bamboo lobster), Lobster Batik (batik lobster), Lobster Batu (rock lobster), and Lobster Mutiara (pearl lobster). This one is Bamboo lobster. It has an orange greenish colour with black and white lines around its body. This type of lobster are found in Sumatra’s ocean (Aceh, West Sumatra), Sulawesi’s ocean (Manado, Makassar), and West Java’s ocean.
The second one is sand lobsters. They are found mostly in Pelabuhanratu Bay of West Java. Its size is quite large with darker colour and white spots on its body.
The third finest lobster in Indonesia is Batik lobster. It has a particular pattern that resembles Indonesian cloth, Batik. Its color is mainly dark brown with small white spots. This type of lobster is found in the southern coastal of Java island.
Rock lobster looks like Bamboo lobster but the color is paler. You can find this lobster in the northern coastal of Sumatera (Aceh).
The fifth finest lobster is Pearl lobster. This one is the most expensive lobster in the country.
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